Do you think some things are sacred and should be kept secret?

I know in indigenous tribes etc like here in Australia, there is alot of talk of women’s business and secret radicals that are preserved sacred and mystery, they aren’t discussed with the public, their solemnities and practices.I don’t know if that’s so much the occasion in other indigenous tribes, but I retain predicting they do the same.The sacred must be kept secret and protected.

Anyway things that are very sacred to me, I precisely don’t discuss at all with anyone.I deter a lot of things secret.My bf passed away a few years ago, and I never ever talk about it online anywhere, because it precisely feels too sacred to me, his retention etc.But yesterday for some reason I wanted to share something about him on here, related to some occult sort of things that happened to do with him.However this morning I just so regretted it and removed it, and only feel so off and worried now that I didn’t keep it under wraps, maintain him sacred.Anyway I don’t know, am I is way too hard-handed on myself? perhaps it’s necessary I sometimes talk about it on now? to get it off my chest etc.But you know I don’t feel levering public should be part of it.

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