might be the wrong sub: how do you erase bad energy in your living space?

i’ve more to find what compiles my otherwise very beautifull, cosy appartment so horribly unconfortable. All i feel are bad exertions. It sometimes attains me sad going back there, even biding outside in cold weather to wait to go to sleep. I done a lot of work moving it neat, a lot of floras, huge chairs, ego started paintings….in short how it inspects is not the thing.

I’ m not well versed in spirituality, but i’ve always been sensitive to things like this. It downright forms me depressed to be here, and i’m moving after corona. Is this a thing? or am i crazy

Like i can go on a long bikeride for four hours, come back freshened, take a shower, be engaged in my cozy sofa and be immediately terrible time by being in this room, whatever i do. Dont have these problems with the bathroom, or bedroom. Simply the living space. I’ve lived in total dumps when i was a beginning musician and i couldnt even dream of a lieu like this, but i was totally happy.

I can be happy anywhere else, but this place only freaks me t f out.

Glad to hear any speculation at all.

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