Friend is using black magic.

Cringe alert: bear with me.

I have no good way of saying this so I’ll just say it: I’ve met about three parties in my life who “have lots of force.” They require things and get them, people who dont know them will love them and they can’t do wrong. Make of that what you will, but I stand by it.

So my friend Nate is one of these parties. Makes say he’s got his own personal Jesus, and this one reacts devotions. I’m convinced of it, but I’ve find moderately whatever about it until recently.

In the past we’ve discussed metaphysics, spirituality, runes etc. What have you. Not that I have a horse to stand on now, but his behaviour is getting alarming.

After being seperated for a few months we recently caught up . . . and he’s gotten Way more into working his will on the world countries. Im talking hate altars, hypersigils of sanction, mass suggestion form nonsense. Laughing while he has spoken about affliction his sister( she was recently in a horrible collision .)

I was doing HW late at night and it impressed me: is he assigning swears on everyone in his life? Like, maybe not “die now” stuff but more like “I’m so love me now” and if so- I dont know what to do.

If this is his new behaviour: I thoughts I’ll merely have to drop him. Pissing off his personal Jesus is not on my to-do list. Advice?

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