Dream I had which I feel like sharing with yall

I had a dream last night, I gratify this daughter. She had beautiful long black mane and instantaneously I felt like I recognised her, I’ve been going through a tough time mentally as of late, deep dimple and suspicion.

In this dream it was almost like we expended infinity time in each other’s company , not saying too much but almost tele-pathetically communicating between each other. As the dream neared its outcome, I suddenly realised I was dreaming and I said to her in a panic that this is just a dream and soon I will wake and she will be gone. She was calm and said yes but we were lucky we got to spend any time together at all. Her smile was the most calming thing in this world. I woke up, sobbing crying, I never cry. Haven’t in about 20 times since I is rather kid.

I’m a mess today, if someone told me about this dream from their perspective, I’d laugh and say it’s only a dream but this has greatly shaped “i m feeling” different about the world. I feel like I fill my soul mate and have had my heart broken.

The face seemed so familiar too, I can’t pinpoint who exactly it was.

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