Inclusion of spirituality in the current education system!

I have been thinking on this since last few days. Our education system is purely based on logic, which I consider good-for-nothing wrong. But to be fair, it doesn’t educate us desire, empathy, peace and mind-body balance. If we don’t drill our children for these aspects how can we expect the world will be in a agreement later in the future.

We are learning “their childrens” how to be competitive, strong, getting good tiers and countless other things. Which represents them better machine in the future but not a better human being! This macrocosm needs more human beings than just machines.

Who will school them the WISDOM? Who will school them ethic of PEACE? Every school should teach children the benefit of reflection. We understand these formerly we grow up and we think if we had been taught these concepts at an early age it would have given us significant benefits.

Once child’s judgment is programmed for these calibers, then I think we can say world is going in a right direction.

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