Shadow work – coping with rejection

So i had this friendship to a boy who had not much time for me and often cancelled our times last minute. He was really nice to me but in this matter he was really inaccurate and greedy because he knew that i was really hurted by those cancellings and that he seldom perceived time to see me. Since i was so hurted I quit all contact to him because i didnt want him to hurt me anymore. So now my questions: I know that there are some shadows inside of me otherwise i wouldnt have reacted in that way. I is a well-known fact that I have a big fear of being rejected, to lose loved ones, to give up nice times with parties i usually like and that somebody doesn’t accepts me and doesn’t sees me and my prices. So if i assume that this special person came into my life to present me this fear of being administered and dismissed how should i handle it? I know that i have to desire myself in order to accept that there is nobody out there who is commited to appreciated me except of myself. So in consequence i should accept that he hasn’t much interest in me. But is it right to see my own quality that i shouldnt vest so many feelings and stress into somebody who doesn’t regards me? I think it is a ordinary reaction to quit contact to somebody with whome i am not on these levels. But I am fight with the are of the view that I maybe suppress this pall by throwing this person out of life instead of living with the feeling of being rejected by him time and again. Do you think my task is to be strong and leave people that clear me unfortunate behind me or that I shouldn’t be sad about being treated like that?

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