Something that came to me…

I posted this in the awakened Reddit and was basically told to throw it now because it didn’t fit. I don’t get it, if they’re awakened why wouldn’t they feel this way too or at least get it? I consider myself to be awake AND spiritual AND instructed and lots of things, do semantics really matter? This perplexes me but whatever, here it is….

I feel like so many parties are struggling right now. We’re butting abilities in the US, we can’t seem to get anywhere, this feeling of I’m right and you’re wrong-not understanding how someone could believe what they repute. We’re stressed out, scared, mystified, and things are uncertain and we don’t have the leadership that’s helping us. The covid epidemic is the worst it’s ever been and nothing is changing and that’s madness. Politics is contentious, parties are disinheriting girls and family over this nonsense, long life friends “re no longer” friends, beings are getting so baffled, angry, nasty, aim, delusional, and it’s hurting everyone in some way. We can’t fix this by saying I’m right and you’re wrong, we can’t fix it with anger, fear, blamed, corruption, ascertain, hate or discord. We have to agree on something- We all want: agreement, harmonization, to do well enough financially at least to not worry about buying groceries or paying greenbacks, for everyone we love to be happy and healthy, to have purpose, to laugh and experience life, we want good copulation and someone to belong to, we want to feel good about ourselves, we want to feel safe and secure, we want to feel free to be ourselves.

Can we got to get the acces we’ve been doing it? We’ve made progress, the spiritual parish, the collective consciousness is firing up, this year has been insane, so many are waking up-but if we obstruct approaching it from this view of being right or wrong, or with fear or rage we aren’t going to get anywhere.

Everyone wants the same things underneath everything there is. Remember that, we just all have different perspectives based on our experiences, our weaves, our minds. You can’t fix everyone but you can choose to not stir up that low-toned vibrational idiocy. Rise above the combat. Be smarter. Be the good guy. Be better.

Spread the beloved y’all! Slow down, tighten, go within, focus on the basics, and precisely desire everyone no matter what. If that’s extremely hard be a hermit and find your own inner peace, but don’t add to the vitriol in this world right now. I know it’s hard, I have very strong beliefs and feelings very about everything, but pushing to those used with diametrically different opinions isn’t going to do anything but constitute me mad and ruin my date, it solves nothing. We’re finding people won’t budge, especially those who are filled with hate and are closed minded, so leave it there-for your own peace of mind. We’ve got to do better, and you know better. I certainly was going wrapped up in it, awfully disillusioned about the commonwealth of my country and more. Lead with love. Get centered and peaceful again, let it narrate, stop trying to control things outside of yourself. Do your best and let go of the respite. Trust that everything we’ve gone through is for a conclude and that we’re going to fix this-with love.

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