Difficulty cutting energetic cord.

Having a really hard time tailor lines with what I believe is a karmic relation. I can go into detail but the time has now come. Its not healthy for me and I would like for it to end. In the past cutting cords was as simple as meditating, imagining, and feeling the rope being stroke. When I try to cut this cord is comes right back, reforms or the hack utensil surpass right through. I have been trying to cut this rope for over 6 months but didnt feel as ready/ commited as I do now. Yesterday and today attempting to cut the cord acquired me very sick to my tummy with penetrating agonies in my centre. Not sure if its a factor but im in close proximity to the person for the next day or two and wont be for quite some time.

Tl :d r cant cut an forceful rope the path I usually do. Would enjoy some tips-off or possible cause why I am unable.

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