How to Be More Present & Alive in the Moment

By Leo Babauta

One of the person or persons in my Fearless Mastery mastermind group is an amazing leader who is exceedingly good at getting things done and preceding a team.

Her entire life is filled with make, and she’s so good at it.

What she wants to shift is more into Being, and it’s a beautiful intention.

She wants to be more present, more joyful, more enthusiastic. She misses more merriment! And to be truly happy to be with the person she’s speaking with.

I freaking beloved this.

So how do we become more present and alive in each time? I have some feelings, based on the labor I’ve been doing over the last 15 times on this.

Practice perfectly spouting yourself into every act. This is a Zen practice — being fully in every task you do, every behave. If you’re sitting in meditation, be fully in your fanny , not have your mind be somewhere else. If you’re brushing your teeth, simply brush your teeth — and be completely immersed in that. This is a practice, of course, which means we’ll forget to do it most of the time, but it’s an incredibly rich tradition. Perfectly represent yourself in everything you do.See the divinity in the person in front of you or in this moment. When I say ” sanctity ,” it might necessitate God if you believe in God … but if you don’t, it’s seeing the incredible endow “of the worlds”, of each person. Seeing the profound beauty in everything. Seeing the sacredness of the ordinary. When you’re talking with someone, can you fully appreciate their divinity? Can you feel wonder at the world around you , no matter where you are? This is an incredible practice that will help you feel more alive, each time you do it.Let yourself express your sentiments physically. Working with my coach, I’ve discovered that I don’t let myself feel antagonism — the world trained me that it’s not OK to express or even feel rage. So every day, I practice not only feeling it, but physically carrying it in a safe channel that doesn’t hurt people- for example, piercing a pillow or hollering your head off in the woods or fucking crazy on a ponderous punching bag. It’s not just fury, though- the majority of members of us barely let ourselves feel any affections. We can express them physically — scream into a pillow, fling a tantrum by kicking and banging your fists on the grind, express sting by squirm in anguish or letting your heart be broken. When we show our spirits fully and physically in our mass, we loose our vitality.Open your damn mettle! Most of us move through our eras with our mettles closed. We do our assignments, go through the motions, but we aren’t connected to our mettles.( Some people, of course, are able to live in their minds much of the time — cause them be our role model !) What would it be like to be open-hearted today, feel adoring toward any person you discover, cherishing and tender toward the world around you? Try it and visualize!

As you can see, these are not things that you’ll be able to get perfect, immediately or even ever. They are things to practice.

But I can tell you, in my experience, this kind of practice of being fully immersed in each activity, with your center open, your ardours amply expressed, looking the sanctity in everything and everyone around you — this will help us be fully alive in each moment.

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