parents called me lazy and delusional

my( 19 F) parents ought to have somewhat supportive of me on my spiritual journeying, even showing interest in many of the things that i learned. my mommy even “ve been told” at a young age that “ive had” psychic abilities and told me about past lives and encouraged me to get back in touch with my abilities. i’m a nanny, and my im finishing my 11 month chore on the 25 th. my project is to start a metaphysical/ spiritual business with various says and selling quartzs/ crystal jewelry and more, and receive where it proceeds. undoubtedly if this doesn’t generate enough income within a certain amount of time, i’ll get another job and my business would be a side hustle. my mothers announced me lazy for not wanting to work for them and my dad said i was just trying to be a gypsy, calling me delusional. my dad is a really good guy, but he is really material and has some unaddressed infancy pain that are affecting him. it really hurt my feelings.

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