Spiritual experiences that you aren’t sure of what they mean

Has anyone seen off-color brighten like lights of glowing go across a apartment? I’ve had more “hauntings” in dwelling than I think is normal, but not all of them are unnerving all the time. I likewise allure a spiritual type of people with very little reason of doing so( while I feel very deeply, and am intuitive to some degree, intending I do believe I have a gift of discernment and can get very clear expectations in my psyche that speak truth I don’t have a reason to know, I is definitely not traditionally person you’d see and think much more than “loves the mall”) – I feel as these results are possibly what could be described as spiritual warfare and endows of the spirit. Some have felt panicking and authoritarian. Others have felt okay, even protective, but ever with that sneaking feeling behind it.

With that tell me anything, I felt as though I left open a lot of that in the past, until I received a message from a stranger online. Assuming it was a joke, I kinda protruded back questioning them what their gods told them to tell me. They said they needed my full honour and a picture of my helping hand.( I didn’t give either one) That they were told to contact me because I am a light-headed but darkness was following me. That they needed to bless and pray and free me of it( I can’t remember the exact quote but that’s how I recollect performing it) and I removed my social media, and felt uncomfortable. I tried to research the gods they mentioned and it’s an older belief system located out of Africa, and correlated to Santeria in some way. I can’t remember their epithets now and I tried searching on my probe history and it’s too far back.

If anyone understands any of this, please let me know.

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