Is it possible to manifest a “sign” for someone else?

Tw: suicide attempt.

Without going into way too much detail …( i debated putting it in a video, because I dislike typing alot. Too, to show proof and what not at the same time) but noisy chamber copulates are home.

I cant talk about this with most my friends because they call me crazy. Im 34.

I am for a fact, emotionally connected with an ex, whom which I had an extremely toxic relationship with. We reconnected years ago on a affectionate basis, and I consider her someome really special to me.( Platonic)

Every single time im unusually chilled or sad, she texts me. Every single time. This isn’t a problem.

The thing is, I know she moved me a sign. One night I was crying, and fell asleep asking for a reason to not try and kill myself. Last-place year I tried to kill myself. And frankly, I was done this time and knew what to do to not endure.

I woke up to something that realized me belief my life was worth living again. I was in pure bliss with snaps streaming down my face. It was unreal.

Instantly I knew it was something she did. I announced her the next day while I was at work. And I questioned her what did she do to me.

“What do you mean? “

“I saw something last light … I want to know what you did.”

She then proceeded to cut me off, and show a dream she had the same night I participated my ratify.( At this object I illustrated 0 things to her about what the hell happened ). And the dream was near identical to my sign.

Then she said “im glad you finally woke up”

Then I told her what I woke up to. And she has been said “I know”

So is it possible, she felt what I was going through, and sent me the mansion?

Im actually bouncing alot of detail, but thats the gist of it.

Thanks for reading.

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