Recommended Reading/Viewing for Early Spirit Journey for older folks?

Any recommended say/ considering( can be IG, YT, books, journal, articles) specifically for older boys( late 40′ s) in the early stages of their spiritual rouse/ passage?

I’ve got some of the basics, read up on divine masculine/ feminine/ quintessence/ symmetry. I’ve been told I have a good balance and intuition, but I can also get baffled because I feel like I’m “re going to have to” representation this out for myself and I’m flailing.

Most memorable predicts, The Way of the Superior Man( disagreed with some nonsense ), The Untethered Soul( turns out I read it~ 18 years ago and worked with the author ), Pussy( edify ), Louise Hay’s books, Science Behind the Secret( Taylor ).

Looking for virtually guides as I go through this passage, and I do better at reading and integrating first.

Appreciate any info( or steering/ feedback ). Happy to answer questions if I can help clarify.

Thank you!

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