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There is no such thing is departing the wheel.

You are the wheel.

Moksha is accepting who you are spiritually and allowing the experience without attachment.

To be the author and know you are the creator doesn’t mean you get to just somehow stop incarnating. It’s to be aware of the fact you are the creator and only enjoy the creation.

You WILL suffer every single life and that’s the FUN of it. When you try and wrap your psyche around no that cannot be. I cannot live every single life. That is your ego speaking from a home of fear.

There’s nothing to escape.

There’s good-for-nothing to stop incarnating.

You are the creator and this is something interesting to do.

The supreme reality is a reality of peace and love and it’s where you reside now in your deepest corner.

It is the reality of knowing.

It is the reality of realizing this is a big joke and you are just enjoying yourself.

All of your tolerate will be suspended once you passionately accept the current experience no matter how bad it is or how good.

Suffering comes from when you try and run in the opposite direction of the experience and rebound away.

Who you think you are and the totality of your narcissism will be lost after this life.

You will let it all go.

And be left with truth.

Edit: don’t get an ego about being the builder. Let that go too…

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