twitching superstitions

whenever my freedom eye shivers, i noticed that contests makes home after that. happens that can be good or bad for me. it can take eras hours of weeks for it to take place. its a motif i noticed when it happens to me.

jan – march 2020 i had majour spasms then a lockdown happened.

bestfriend feeling chilled and wrote me a fatality letter. i had twitches before that.

big contentions with my close friends. i now have twitches before that aswell.

its like its telling me upcomming things that will affect my mood…i could be wrong. i havnt had a right eye twitch in a long time tho.


today, my left church started squirming. ALOT. and it precisely started now. is there a definition improve please. i went on google but the top tie is saying “forbiddened” when i press it.

is there a intend for my privilege look squirms? these tremors are uncontrollable and are changeable.

but i can restrict my freedom gaze to start twitching and it will last for a while. all i need to do is do a hard blink. but its impossible for me to control my left church to squirm. improve me please i need answers

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