My personal beliefs on Vibration, plus my personal daily Schedule as a Template to All.

As the designation says, these are my personal Beliefs and beliefs. If you agree with them, that’s awesome! If you don’t, I’d enjoy a friendly discussion on your ideas and how mine could possibly be changed.

These are not concrete, I’d just like to restate the fact that these are entirely my own personal conjectures, creeds and meanings that I’ve come up with based on random information that I have read and detected over the years.



In central Africa, the indigenous people known as the Khemets believe that Vibration is Everything.

Heat is Created by the Vibration of Molecules. Something freezes because its Molecules practically stop it Completely.

In order for us to speak, we must first create crude Sound, which then elapses through our Vocal Chords and is mold by our Tongue, Mouth, lips, teeth, etc, into the Frequency, Pitch, and therefore Sound which we Desire.

Another thing I’ve speak is that the Khemets also do not believe in literal, perfectly different Facets, but they do have a word that would translate approximately into the English “Dimension.”

Their belief is that we are constantly shifting into Different “Dimensions” every day due to changes into Vibrations and Frequencies.

Anger is a different Vibration/ Frequency than Joy/ Happiness, which are both different from Grief/ Sadness.

Therefore, the Khemetic belief is that, by switching from Happiness to Blind Rage within a mere Moments’ Notice, you are Consciously switching your Reality, your Dimension, from that of a Positive one to a Negative One.

They don’t believe that we can Actively teleport physically through Wormholes into entirely new Realities where the Laws of Physics are Different and parties gape differently.

However, you can change the style you Perceive the Greater World, and therefore, you can Consciously switch “Dimensions” from one of Negativity to one of Positivity by your Own Free Will.



I find this to be very Inspiring. I feel it can be seen as both as a Complicated and more quite simple thought process.

You believe that Dimensions Exist, but solely in the Context of Spirit and Feelings; Things that we Actually CAN Change.



Native American Hopis on the other side of the World also have an Interesting creed organisation too.

They do not dance and sing and play music solely to satisfy Gods and Spirits.

Their belief is that by Dancing and Singing and Creating Music, they are Creating Energy( Which they are because Reverberations are created by the initiated of some kind of Energy. This would be Kinetic energy via instruments and Dancing ), which then Empowers them for months on end.

By focusing so much on their Dancing and Singing and Music, as well as their chanting of terms maybe similar to “I Am Strong! We Are Powerful! Our Harvest Will Be Great! ” They are focusing their Will on a Specific Goal 😛 TAGEND

Ensuring A Good Harvest.

After several days, or perhaps even a few weeks, of constant communions and ceremonies, they begin the Harvest.

They all make additional care and extra caution to properly plant every grain, to then water every grain just enough but not too much nor too few. They even sing joyful chorus to the plants in an effort to shower them with “Positive Energies.”

By the time Harvest comes around, their food supplies are Double that of last years’ harvest!

But it’s not because of Gods or Magic. It’s solely and exclusively because they spent so much time concentrate so much of their Will and Energy on one singular Goal: “Ensure Our Harvest Is Bigger and Better Than Ever! ”



We could all learn a thing or two from Indigenous people, I conclude. They have been here for thousands upon thousands of years doing the same things and practicing the same Traditions.


For a few epoches now I’ve been forcing myself to get up and adhere to a semi-strict but also flexible planned to fix my personal Routine.

My average alters are 12 pm-8: 30, so because of this, I tailored my planned to give me a little extra time at night and still get 7 Hours of Sleep.

To some, 7 hours doesn’t sound like enough, but cartel me, it is.

Buddhist Monks function on 7 hours of sleep every day and some of them also civilize for 8 and a half hours a day, every single day.

There are certain Businessmen and Women in this world who can function on 5 Hours of Sleep whilst do 1-2 hour Meditation undermines once or twice throughout the day.

It’s hard to fathom exclusively are currently 7 or even five hours or sleep when you’ve spent your entire life sleeping for 10+ hours per day, but rely me, dedicate yourself and pressure yourself for a schedule and your mas will Adapt within mere weeks.


My schedule is as follows 😛 TAGEND

7 Am: Wake Up.

7: 00 -7: 15 Am: Meditate and guzzle glass of water/ use bathroom.

7: 15 -7: 30 Am: Qigong/ Tai Chi( Moving Meditation)

7: 30 -8: 30 Am: Morning Run/ Exercise. Practice Punches, Kicks, do Push up, Sit up, Squats, Forearm Exercises, Burpees, and Plank.

8: 30 -9: 30 Am: Make Large Green/ Protein Smoothie with breakfast of Choice. Clean up dishes.

9: 30 -1 1:00 Am: Shower, Get Ready For Work.

11: 00 Am-1 2Pm: Leave hour early to ensure proper arrival to work. Meditate for 10 -1 5 minutes while on bus. Eat at work, meditate before clocking in.

12: 00 -8: 30 Pm: Work.

8: 30 -9: 30 Pm: commute Residence, Meditate.

9: 30 -1 0:30 Pm: Make a quick Dinner and easy dinner like Pesto Pasta with Salmon( Pasta makes 10 -1 five minutes, salmon takes 3 minutes each side for a total of 6. Cook near end up pasta and it’s all done at the same exact time ).

10: 30 -1 1:30 Pm: Free Time.

11: 30 Pm: Bed Time.



This gives me personally about 6 and a half hours to 7 hours of Sleep each day, but as “youre seeing”, I readily am Meditating for an hour or more in total spread out over the day whilst on the bus and also on my 10 time cracks at work too.

I personally likewise use Marijuana quite a bit( I live in California where it’s nearly 100% legal at this station. It’s nearly easier we are currently legally buy weed than cigarettes now ), and even with my daily utilization I feel great most daytimes with this amount of sleep and such amounts of Meditation throughout the day.



The Road To Enlightenment Is Not Easy: The Best Things In Life Are Never Easy To Attain.

If Enlightenment is something you Truly desire, then you have to be willing to Sacrifice your Phone, your IPad, your TV, your Xbox or PS4, etc, and you have to be willing to do what needs to be done to achieve Attain it.

If you think Enlightenment will be gifted to you on a Silver Platter for no reason while you deplete your epoches dining junk food from 7/11 and playing video games for 16 out of the 24 hours in each day; Please reconsider, for you will Not Reach Enlightenment at any point in your Life by doing this to yourself.



Create a schedule that works for you, magnetism yourself to eat some more fresh fruits and veggies every day, and start rehearsal.

The reason the Shaolin conceive their Precedes incorporated Martial Skills into their daily Routine was to Justify Meditating for sometimes 24 hours or even more.

If you drill for 8 and a half hours every single day, you can therefore end your Day with 5 hours of non-stop meditation and feel Good Knowing beyond Doubt that your torso is in Peak Physical Shape.

We all can Achieve Enlightenment, but only if we actually Go for it.

There is no Try; Only Do.

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