Is it normal to feel insane?

I’ve been get into deeper levels of philosophy, I’m full on studying Stoicism right now but on the side, I’ve been questioning my inner-self and my aim in life. I’m battling with different craves and needs–I don’t know what to do in my life because I’m extremely ambitious and have multiple vocation footpaths I wish to be in.

Throughout these months, ever since the quarantine, I’ve been through countless spiritual arouses, I’ve reflected and I’ve developed more self-awareness. I’m questioning many things in the world countries, and these questions aren’t extremely “existential-y”. I am very full of prudence, and it’s really oozing out at the moment so I’m writing and typing a lot.

Now, due to at least 5-6 daytimes of emptines and being in my house, I’m surrounding myself with a crapload of literature, belief, doctrine, endless sums of spiritual videos. It’s been departing good, to be fair, but all of this is making me feel insane. I feel like I’ve gone insane inquiring and connecting with things. I desire it, but is it ordinary to feel like I’m out of it? I entail, Friedrich Nietzsche went insane after writing his works–I guess I could relate.

I simply needed to let off steam. I feel like I’m going crazy. Sorry! 🙁

edit: And I conceive the worst is, is that I can’t even discuss this with anyone. I feel alone, in a certain sense, even with a small portion of friends around me. I save my roundabout small but I still can’t share what I ascertained or what I know (?) if that does impression. It’s not bad, actually, but I foresee the feeling of not being understood by others is going to contribute to the way I’m feeling. I experience solitude but sometimes I carry these conceptions only with myself.

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