Scientific Way to overcome Addictions !

It includes Scientific Process& Your Strong Willpower is must !!

DETERMINE – Make a strong determination to come out of the habit of smoking. ANALYZE – The next stair is to analyze the reasons why it is wrong to inhale. We’ll create a list of the ill-effects of smoking in each and every way. PRATIKRAMAN( Forgiveness) – Asking for forgiveness( from whichever God you follow) is called Pratikraman. This is the proven weapon that slashes the covers of addiction. NO PROTECTON – When someone points out our mistake or complained of how bad our craving is, we should never protect it. Defensive answers like “What is wrong with it? I inhale time 1 cigar? ” or “I used to smoke 10 cigars a daytime. Now I really have one” should be avoided. What is wrong with it?- gives inspiration to our bad dres and hence we are able to never end up quit smoking. Therefore, we should never protect our mistake ever and should genuinely abide it when someone points it out to us. In this direction, we will gradually come out of our craving. to be presented by / u/ DadaBhagwan [ connection ] [ notes ]

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