Don’t run after gossip without examining the truth of it.

People who know how to keep their lips shut are rare. So don’t chatter about your wishes and intentions — keep them to yourself. And whether you are speaking to an enemy, an relationship, or a friend, never undermine a confidence.

Be welcoming toward beings, and smile and talk pleasantly. Keep to your position. Be submissive toward your directors, and even when things do not go well for them, don’t despise them. At the same time, don’t bow and scrape before the bawdy, even when they are proud and full of themselves.

Be skilled: do not represent predicts that you know you cannot keep. By the same token, statu the promises you have stirred, and never dismiss them as immaterial. Do not be chilled by affliction and the failure to get what you want, instead be careful to see where your real gain and loss lie.

~ Dudjom Rinpoche~ to be presented by / u/ Siddika_pathak [ tie-up ] [ observation ]

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