Phosphenes Question

disclaimer: i’ve once ruled out the possibility of this being some kind of health issue so no worries.

Since I was a kid I’ve had this thing where I meet all kinds of structures when I close my sees and sometimes I read little minuscule domains in some places I move. I’m 20 now

I once saw someone say that it had to do with some kind of clair-ability but they didn’t go into details.

I go through times in my life where its less striking, and then periods where its most frequently asked. I’m currently in a phase where I’m examining them more.

The only time the phosphenes weird me out or seem creepy is when I drink too much or smoke weed, all of which I’ve given up on for that reason. If I’m intoxicated, I might participate a face or cat hearts. Other than that, its only my ordinary kaleidoscope nonsense.

What do you think this entails if something? is there somewhere I can read about it if it conveys something? Does anyone else have this? and, is there a lane to make sense of what I visualize?

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