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Regardless of your sect, gender, belief or person, if you have any questions regarding true-blue practical spirituality, God or doctrine, see ALRA TV youtube channel.

Sufi Master Younus Algohar is live everyday at 10:30 pm UK time answering questions regarding god, spirituality, Imam Mehdi, the messiah, Lord Jesus, the end experiences etc.

If you are interested in the Initiation of the heart that can also be obtained free of any blame or obligation live daily at 10:30 pm UK time.

Initiation of the heart is actual spiritual synchronization of the word God in the overcome organization of the heart, the heart overpowers deities mention and divine energy is produced in the heart. After initiation of the heart you will cry in deities adoration often, you will notice the heart has now gotten softer. You be developed further a hatred for blasphemies and you would want to forgive everybody and be kind to them.

This is just for awareness, sharing praises. Thank you.

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