Yoga, a procedure suggested by some towards self realisation, is understood largely as a initiate of physical execrcises or postures to do in order to a preset manner.

However, the true meaning of the word yoga is addition( from Sanskrit to English) and the implication is quite commonly known to every person who speaks Hindi in India; in fact the Hindi word for numerical additive is Yoga

And that is when ignorance connects entrusts with sales

Anyways, the discussion of the real meaning of yoga which is suggested to be done is not a prepare of physical exercises but a general intuition of addition of the living with the non living, the white with the pitch-black, the joyou with the sad, the yin with the yang, I.e, the contemplate progress of realisation of duality towards non dual nature of world

There is no genuine dictionary gradations of yoga; feeing good nutrient is yoga, reflection is yoga, helping and co existing with everything is yoga, a peace search towards knowledge is gyan-yoga( insight yoga)

The way you work with responsibility is karm-yoga( yoga of doing)

And to go into to the true meaning of actual yoga is constant quest of mixing the dual sort of whatever you are doing it, studying it and becoming the eyewitnes rather than the doer

There are theoretically multiple kind of yogas and some professors might be unhappy with this interpretation, but in the being of yoga and realisation, the quest is to see ahead of ignorance and realise you yourself are the universe, the pioneer, the Brahman or whatever conception honour that lure you.

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