Why spirituality ??????

Hello. I’m only here because my healer told me to investigate spirituality. My main question about it is “why? “. I have no Spirituality or any philosophical stuff in me. I grown up in a sect and never managed to belive things like idol or angels or souls, etc. With all respect i have a tendency to think of spiritual and religious practice and aesthetic as something pointless and silly, but it seems that it might be important, and i just wanted to percieve in in other ways. My main question to spiritual and religious parties is “Why do you seek spirituality? ” Why does it matter and what does it do to you. I’m so sorry if I pique anyone. I swear i have tried hard to believe things but it simply doesn’t fit in my lane of ascertaining the world. I woul is actually really indebted if someone coul explain why they spend time and power to be considered things that don’t materially exist. Peace and again no pique intended.

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