I hit an owl with my car. Is there is any significance or meaning to this?

I’m not really sure where to announce this, but here is the story – it’s a little long so satisfy bare with me! Earlier this morning, around 3am, I kind of made a small owl, it was white/ ignited in shade. I wasn’t vanishing very fast, perhaps 30 -4 0mph. I had my window all the way down and I conceive the owl grazed the priorities in my space then proceeded to crash into my operators sit/ my shoulder. I was very confused at what just happened seeing as it was random and dark; I thought it was a branch or a bottle hurl at me by chance( idk why lol ). I gaped over and to my startle there was a small owl. I maintained soothe but low-key panicked in my heading because I had my small dog in the fare tush. Apparently, I drew over and we got out. The owl was hanging on the seat with its claw. It was breathing and moving sometimes. There was no blood, loose feathers, or injure from what I could see. I didn’t know what to do so I dissolved up calling the police, which they pointed up moving me to someone that could help. I was explained that the owl was probably in offend and that if it’s not disabled it is desirable to fly out, which it objective up doing. To the best of my knowledge the owl is alive, I truly hope it is and I hope it’s not injured! But just like the entitlement says I am just curious if there is any meaning or implication behind this incident? I don’t know if these items have any significance but sometimes I check the list 316, which I noticed on my automobile clock( this was before I made the owl ). When I was at a stop sign I decided to really do a quick entanglement examination to see what zodiac sign that count would be. I watched a rom com earlier in the night so I approximate I was just in my feels lmao. When I touch the owl the song “Buzzcut Season” by Lorde was playing. I manufactured the call to 911 at 3:21. Lastly, when I was on the phone I definitely sounds like I established the motorist laugh with some of my commentary. I kind of did a little research when I got home and I didn’t find too much. I see anything about an omen for extinction or someone’s going to die, heart guide meeting/ communicating with you, slowing down, the spiritual intend of an owl. I speculated I would question Reddit myself to see if anyone has their own take on my experience or acquaintance they are unable to share. I’m sorry for the long pole but thank you in advance!

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