Does bad news/negativity bring anyone else down? What to do about it

Hi there, recently attached this community. Curious if anyone else is strongly affected by bad news, negativity, cruelty, “to catch a predator” type programming? I belief 2020 is a bit of an anomaly, but I’ve memorandum a vastly improved prognosi and sentiment since cutting out news apps and in particular facebook parishes that focus on neighborhood “issues”, school publications, or anything political. Having been away from it for a few weeks, I’ve noticed at times when it cannot be avoided( convos where xyz current occasion comes up, political adverts, etc) my feeling immediately feels stressed/ upset. Are most people exactly constructed differently? Maybe I’m an outlier, but I remembered maybe others in the spirituality community might pertain. I’ve noticed musing and using things like audible, insight timer, and card sport apps leave me in considerably better intents overall. Editing to add, exactly what we behaviors that other kinfolks have found to help filter this material out or else handle it better?

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