Wait i think sneaking out and getting caught positively affected me???

So i was just like pissed off and sad because i got into a lil reason with my cousin and i just felt like i should end myself because i reckoned no one cared about me. So i at 3am pulled a stunt. I got my skateboard, crate and laptop and told my cousin “bye im going skating”. She didnt want to come with me because we were one bad expressions. So instead of skating at 3am bc ya know rapist and kidnappers, i got in my mommas car, put on some music and just waited until 4am to get out. At first i was just gonna wait until 4am and play video games it off to my cousin like i skated to QT and all but no, a few cases mins before i would of gotten out mom, cousin and brother come banging on the car door telling me to open it and shit and their just mad at me. My mom is going ham about how i could of come kidnapped and been transformed into a sexuality slave and my cousin is just talking about how that actually wasnt funny and it scared her. Lolz now i know people at least care about me now and are just lying when they say they dont care about me. They went looking around the whole place where i would normally skate and everything.

My brother has done roughly the same thing but he actually used to go into the streets and shit lmao

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