Emotional repression and incense.

I’ve recently been trying burning frankincense I dictated online recently as well as another milder structure of it for the purposes of aiding in my healing travel/ abbreviating feeling strength. It is about to change, nonetheless, that each time I’ve burnt incense it’s increased my emotional intensity, though my emotional state tends to get significantly worse/ out of whack. Most notably every single time I burn incense I have hallucinations the next time I are sleeping and an halo of hopelessness and paralysis bathes over me.

One of the first things I noticed was the smell of the scent felt fairly potent and mildly nasty. To that point, I’m not certain whether the aroma is acting like the kind of medicine that flavors bitter but eventually salves you, or if it is simply having an adverse effect on my emotional/ spiritual state.

To any of you who have experience applying incense for the purpose of healing/ relaxation and have had negative effects coming from that, did the strength of it be brought to an end being healing long term or was the incense somehow is not in accordance with your healing journeying?

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