How do we know that this is all real, and not made up by the brain?

Near death ordeals, past life regressions, astral juttings etc. they’re all’ evidence’ that consciousness is present as a’ soul’ or equivalent, but what if it’s all just made up by our intelligences? There’s still so much we don’t know about how our mentalities gathering. The simplest explanation to our consciousness right now is just that’s it’s made up by the brain.

I’m young, a scientist, but I’ve always been interested in spirituality and these phenomenon. I really, really want to believe that it’s all true, that something of me will live on after extinction, but the facts of the case time … target apart. What if all this spirituality material is built off of hope? I’ve had so many conversations with very intelligent parties and I can’t find any route of debating the whole’ it’s all made up by the brain’ point.

Personally I’ve never actually knowledge anything spiritual, except a small event in the form of a bird which I’m not going to go on details on. Still not reassured I didn’t exactly exaggerate what I experienced.

What are your opinions? And what evidence do we have that it’s not just our intelligences attaining up our consciousness/ feel or self/ sentience?

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