How to get rid of suffering

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“The Buddha stated that to put an end to tolerate, we need to let go of our attachment to our desires. Please noting that I didn’t say “letting go of your desires”, I said, “letting go of our component to our desires”- that’s very different

In the second princely Truth, the Buddha tells us that the root of all suffering is attachment, and said that the fundamental cause of suffering is “the component to the desire to have( longing ), the affection to the desire not to have( aversion) and the attachment to ignorant views“.

These three mental states that cloud the judgment are announced Klesha in Sanskrit. They are referred to as the three unwholesome seeds in the Theravada tradition.”

https :// www.zenlightenment.net/ the-four-noble-truths /

Feel free to add any penetration to how to remove suffering, doesn’t have to be buddhist.

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