I sense of void in most people (long)

As I stroll on my outing of life, I recognized those whole root of spirituality is togetherness. People truley friendship and trusting one another.

The eyes are openings to the soul.

Nowadays, I can sense nothing but distrust and malevolent planned in so many seeings .. So countless people around me I feel are always out to soothe their own egos. So much that they are willing to destroy the charm around them.

The ego is supposed to be widely selfish, but mine desires to regenerate, to help life around me prosper.

I find it hard to believe in openess and trust, while I feel the void of everyone drain me. My guard is always up and it’s exhausting.

No amount of “meditating on my thoughts and emotions” seems to change that people’s feelings ever feel like voids.

Perhaps I am impatient. Perhaps I envision a thinking of myself. Either way, it is hard to heal something that wishes to be damaged. And I wish nothing but healing and expansion. From me and everyone.

Have a ordained night, may your roads contribute the allure of life.


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