Books about non-duality, spirituality, oneness, etc. as it relates to work

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So I definitely sounds like “thats a lot” of bibles about employment and being productive. And then a lot of records about spirituality , non-duality, oneness, etc.–which often either belie or don’t relate to working and sustaining your textile well-being in the physical world.

So, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for bibles that deal with this convergence of toil( materially sustaining and prospering oneself ), with a more non-dualistic, spiritual approach.

Right now I am listening to this book: https :// www.audible.com/ pd/ Ease-The-Inside-Out-Guide-to-Getting-Real-with-Work-Audiobook /

Which is pretty much ten-strikes this target … but I was wondering if anyone else had suggestions.

Bonus: if anyone has records on meeting “work”/ money more effortless, merriment, and an expression of our freedom–rather than an obligation, let me know.

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