Pretty wholesome moment I had playing a text-based game

Context: the game renders random rpg situations and I decided to coach a class in local schools, the theme of it was “rainbows”, that’s why we were talking colors.

90% of this verse was generated by a bot 😛 TAGEND

I say “Why are the colorings bright? “

“They’re not radiant, they’re vivid.”

“That’s what I said! ” You say.

“Oh, yeah … Sorry.”

I say “Life IS brightness! Life is light-colored! “

“Life is light, ” you say, continuing. “Colors show us this sun. They are affections in its purest shape. Everything you see here, this is life. It is simply expressed.”

I whisper to the class 😛 TAGEND

“What is life? “

“Smiles, ” someone explanations. “Laughter. Sunshine. The living.”

“And the dead? ” One girl asks.

I say “There is no “dead” !! “


You grab the board, and quickly erase all that was written, before writing.

“Life is…”

You stare at the words on the board, before getting closer to it to read what you had written.

“Life is…life.”

You stare at the words for a few moments, wondering what the fuck is implied. Various of the staff chuckle, and you look at them confused.

“What? What’s so funny? “

“Oh , nothing.”

You turn to the window, and stare up at the sky. The sunbathe is nearly setting, casting a late purple hue over the clouds.

“Well, class, ” you yawn, “it’s virtually time to end this session. Let’s finish this, shall we? “

“Yes! ” They all shout.

You grab your container, and foot to the front of the room.

“Now, “weve had” some fun shall we, during class. Why don’t you tell me what you thought of it? ” You say.

They all begin wailing out their thoughts and opinions.

“It was recreation! “

“I feel like I learned something! “

“Oh, and my tummy hurts! “

You laugh.

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