Today I felt loved in such a way that for the first time in a while I felt the Divine wash over a dark region of my heart like a tide of sunlight.

This week has been one of spiritual re-discovery for me. There’s a thawing underway within my someone. Today I listened to Love instead of running away. She spoke gently, lucidly, and with such strength. The archetype of the world weary wanderer that had become the center of my consciousness suddenly attained himself destroyed. He was discovered as a being of narrative rather than an extension of life .. Mythology is a favorite subject of quarry. I started my morning decipher the anecdotes of Odin, the all-father who sacraficed much for knowledge. And tonight I relinquished prudence for Love.

In Norse myth it is precisely Odin’s knowledge of the future that makes him to behave in such a way that guarantees the ill-fortune perceived through revelation. His wisdom became his own ruin. Maybe people, like idols, are knowledgeable to their own detriment. We are so attached to certainty. To our narrations. To what suffer has taught us that we become oblivious to the real source of our abide.

Unlike Odin, I want the thirst of embeds and wild swine. I desire to know nothing better than how to open myself up when love opens my hallway. To know the holy thirst that soothes the soil when the shadow is no longer able to prevent for itself the dreams of “the worlds oceans”. May the gods bless you all. May you be compassionate enough to let Freya walk through your door and listen to her paroles with a nature that doesn’t shrink.

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