What Will I start to feel after a week start of awakening my 3rd eye?

so this i think is my 3rd or so day of my 3rd see awakening and i have been feeling more warmth and styles my angels tonight and i saw a lily-white argument activate of some kind and idk what it conveys, something in me now exactly wants to do this and is intrested in 3rd heart which idk why, never happened to me before and im stimulated bc i heard that i can talk to angels, is that true? if so then so excited to talk to my aunt and grandma and granddad for the 1st time in approximately 5-10 years, so yeah.

i am planning to not chew much rubbish bc ive heard that i’ll come resukts faster so yeah!

anyways what will i start to feel after a week? also im brand-new to this subreddit!

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