What does it mean when your affirmations start with “You are”?

I’m making a list of pronouncements for myself, and something strange that I’m hear is that most of these pronouncements feel more reverberating when they’re said with “you are” at the beginning of the decision instead of “I am”.

When I’m prompted to repeat pronouncements to myself, I frequently swap out the words “I am” and use “you are”, as if I’m saying it to myself from someone else’s perspective. When I refer to myself in my knowledge, I also commonly say “you”, almost as often as “I”. I can’t tell if it feels like a dissociation, but it unquestionably comes off as if I’m separating myself from my own affirmations, which is why I’m so confused about this. Of track switching the words works for me in practice, but it doesn’t seem right.

This definitely comes at least partially from a need for validation; something that I absolutely struggle with. I often need someone else to tell me that I’m valid because self-validation seems to cause an internal battle where my anxieties are telling me that I’m doing the wrong thing, even if I are well aware it deep down.

In addition, there is also this blockage from the narcissism that offsets me feel like in order for these affirmations to be true, I have to clear some sort of expectation. There’s a rail I need to surpass, it doesn’t looks a lot like an absolute thing. God as I’m typing this out I’m teach so much better about myself wow but anyway I feel like this changing of words to “you are” shows this in some way, and ties into my need for validation as well. It’s as if someone is telling me that I’ve traversed this barricade, and now this affirmation can apply to me. Squandering “I am” likewise acts, but it can cause self-doubt, whereas “you are” doesn’t appear to for these reasons.

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