Ego Is ….

What is Ego? Should we kill ego? How do we convert our self-esteem?

Ego is …

Your identitifaction with your sentiments. Your identification with the body and sentiment. Your identification with separation.

Convincing egoic memory to unity is not an easy task. Mind believes what it assures. It has no reason to believe in something it doesnt see.

The one lane to meet your pride come out of illusion of break-up is by changing you beliefs through your actions.

Once your every thought and action comes from unity, tendernes and empathy for others. Ego starts realizing that its not actually separate from the remain and in that process something immense pass, a transformation of ego.

but there is more, ego always just wanted to mount to old pattern. It likes old blueprint. It is its residence. Where will it go without residence? How are you able persuasion it that its home is in relation to the magnificent impression?

You have to build it a new dwelling that doesnt stayed in separation. Dwelling thats better than its past home. Even if that is done succesfully, ego will still be reluctant of living in this new environment.

It needs additional upkeep or it’ll create another form that is closer to its age-old dwelling building in separation.

Like a word of a spiritual leader who has persuaded himself he knows more than others. He has hundreds of disciples but still hasnt overcome his own ego.

When a disciple ask him a question he doesnt know. He reaches up written answers. If answer is not accepted, he gets angry and tells him to leave.

If simply he minded his own business and worked on himself he would not be what he is, a villain pride lives here in the gloriou misconception of separation.

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