“I realized that “doing” will never make me happy, it is only in “being” where happiness and peace arises” -(Prince EA)

I announced this repeat not to say that doing things doesn’t raise gaiety. From my own experience, it was doing certain things that allowed me to happy but this is to say that it isn’t simply manually doing project activities that raises happiness…usually, if doing certain activities does creating happiness, it’s because they create a certain experience of “being”( i.g many things that realise us genuinely glad can be seen as therapeutic) at the same time, there’s a reason that doing things in hopes of obtaining societal praise in order to full a void of self esteem does not validate a person’s merriment, but proves that he or she needs happiness instead. because pleasure is a state of BEING !:) to be provided by / u/ Cat_Eyed_Goddess9 4 [ association ] [ explains ]

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