The symphony of oneness

I have always understood our oneness in the sense that we all have the same needs and demands at the basic level. I have also understood that we are all in this together. One thing I have scarcity is ascertaining the whole picture of it all and learning the evaluate in everything there is. It all hit me last-place darknes and I find it amazing and foresaw I would share what I discovered and I hope it helps someone out there.

Think about everything happening in our world and not just what is happening right this second, but also in history. We view these things that happening here or is happening and we evaluate these things based on how these things meet us feel. What we miss is the learning that all these experiences and insights they impart us.

For instance, would we appreciate life without fatality? Opportunities are we wouldn’t because we would be able to take life for awarded. Would we revalue good parents if there was not bad parents? Nope, because again, it would be taken for granted and be expected.

We could think about all the “bad” things that has ever happened and we could push those expects apart because perhaps we don’t relish those ordeals. We have to however realize that not only in our own lives, but the lives of the collective, growth has to come from something. If we ever wish to grow as a collective, there is a requirement to likewise interpret the history that we all learn from.

We might think of war as “bad”( I know I do ), but we would never understand what it means to find peace if it wasn’t for fighting. And then there is the personal element. When we read another person struggling in any capacity, we are one perception or select away from that same struggle. We may appreciate a high class home and enjoy it and wish for it for ourselves and that is because we all want fiscal security. We might see a really nice car and like it because we all want dependable transportation. We might hear about a assassinate and think about how grisly that is, but that goes back to understanding peace and likewise understanding that we are all inches away from a change in perception and we could be that person.

Life is one large-scale concert with all possibilities frisking out. Meanwhile we are all learning and there are things we learn not to do and things we learn to do( like I could not be a murderer but I do realize I am only saying this because I am mentally here, many things could have changed my course in life ). This thing is wonderful. Everything “good” and “bad” exactly playing out learns us all.

Hope this gets someone thinking. I’ve expand from a rough past. Without that bumpy past, I don’t even conclude I would be spiritual. It was hard at the time for sure, but I’m really glad I had a rough past. I would never have the tendernes I have today if it wasn’t for me having those lessons.

Love& Light

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