Pre-Cognitive Knowledge of Future Partner ??

Hi everyone, I feel I’m going insane so I’d certainly appreciate some input — I didn’t know where else to affix this, and literally originated a Reddit account just for this.

Long story short — I was visiting a plaza when I determined look contact with this one cashier. Immediately, even before I could take in their peculiarities or what they looked like, a expres (?) kind of went off saying “This is the person you’re going to end up with.” It wasn’t a tone genuinely — more like a strong, irrefutable knowing. They likewise felt peculiarly familiar, and not to be corny or anything but I previously felt love for them( NOT lure per daytime, just absolute compassion ). I’ve never been so sure of anything in my entirety life, which is terrifying. I haven’t seen this person in two years — and I didn’t approach them at the time, because I felt like I wasn’t supposed to, and had the strong knowing that I’d meet them again “when the time is right”.

Problem is … recently, I’ve had numerous romantic proposals that I’ve turned down because NONE of them feel right. Even the ones I’d WANT to try dating — I’d recollect “what’s the station? ” because deep down I know it isn’t the son from the accumulate. Am I insane ?? Should I continue dating other people despite it feeling wrong?

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