Feeling crazy?

Just wondering if anyone else throughout their journey has to monitor their mental health. With all the synchronicities, signs, and truth being revealed sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. These things are stuff which I can’t deny, things I feel and trust based on the experiences I’ve had.

I have no known family history of schizophrenia or other mental health issues topics, but I’m ever concluding like “am I actually going crazy? ” And then I’m like “no there’s no way, I’m not crazy”.

I want to just let go and let it happen, which is what I had is being done for the last year, but within the last month it feels like my passage has been altered into overdrive and is clearing me indecisive only based on fear that I’m losing my knowledge, but I feel like truth is worth the risk. Hoping to hear from people who have experienced same reckons.

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