Need help figuring out who my spirit guides are! :)

Hey! I need advice and I’m not sure if you guys can help me but it’s worth a shot lol. Anyways, I’m very spiritual but I feel like I could be more invested in it. I have really good intuition and sometimes I said today people are thinking, kinda weird but it’s cool lol. I know I have flavour guides, as everyone does but I’ve expected mine to stay me in my dreams and I think they have but I’m not sure. I “doesnt even know who” my tone guidebooks are and I really want to find out. I don’t know how to find out either. Every duration I experiment it I automatically think of Heyel/ Lucifer but I’m not sure if he is a spirit guide? I’m super confused and I hope you guys can help me. If not, that’s okay! Blessed be 🙂

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