Where are all these “events” lately leading humanity? Is the “event” going to change everything around forever? And will reality as we all know it shift from 3D to the Astral Realms?

Considering the events that have been happening, many people have been talking about this mysterious and complex event simply specified the “event” that will be happening highly “soon” and this has something to do with reality changing and these not being as they are going to be anymore.

Something about humanity evolving into 4D consciousness or even that reality itself will shift into a almost lucid – astral airliner – like cosmo in essence and that has me inquisitive about these things even more. There is a reason why all of these events are happening – eventually they have to end somewhere along the line.

What do you all believe these events will head, extremely? A terminated displacement of this reality into a higher form of consciousness – reality shifting this old world and world into a newer and more lucid and astral airplane only – or something entirely different? I prefer to stick with the astral airplane assumption – I have felt a longing to go back home lately to the stars and beyond away from everybody, but never could for one conclude or the other. Maybe that is also a ratify the happen is coming closer than anybody has anticipated?

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