Angelic numbers and relationship?

Hi everyone. I don’t mean to post my relationship story now. But since I’m trying to be more in touch with spirituality and specifically angelic amounts, I want to give my affix here a drive. I( male/ 19) am closeted homosexual with homophobic parents. I’m in a online tie-in with a guy( m/ 23) from the Philippines( which I’ve very in the past since I have family there ). My dad wants to move to a homophobic island. My parents are homophobic and don’t let me go out by myself, so what not another country. It might be years before we meet.

I’ve been always actually spiritual. I’ve been praying to the gods and questioning whether the person or persons I’m with( whether my online affair is worth it ). I retain one time, I ask the Hindu Goddess( Durga) whether the chap I’m viewing is the one. When I was meditating reciting her mantra, I felt a positive vibe which I felt intended yes to my question( I’m not sure ).

I’ve been meeting so many celestial crowds very, Primarily: 111, 444, 1212, 1010 and 1111

I’m not sure if this is the right sub to affix this. But I’m not sure where it’s going. Please don’t referee me for having an online relationship.

Namaste! Stay safe everyone.

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