Vibrational Discernment

Earlier this week, during meditation the motto “Vibrational Discernment” came to me.

I feel called to speak on it as it is a unusually overlooked aspect of spiritual proliferation.

Depending on where you look, the vocal majority of new age spiritual seekers often trust the pursuit of spirit is all about love, light-colored, treaty and accordance. The other large group advocates the process of facing frights, dealing with trauma, and going through your personal hell to reach the light-footed at the end of the tunnel. I’m not here to tell you how to advance on your expedition, for it is YOUR journey, and nobody else can tell you what’s best for you.( I’m getting to my site soon I promise .)

I am not here to tell you one behavior is better than another. I just want to molted some light on an important practice for anyone seeking to journey deeper into their own divinity. And that is Vibrational Discernment. Vibration discernment is developed by cultivating your intuition. By digging deep into your soul and truly understand your truth and whom you.

In today’s day and senility, there are a lot, numerous “light bringers”, “truth-spreaders”, “whistleblowers”, etc. And it’s easy to get caught up in the thick of it. With the age of information too comes the age of misinformation, and it is very important to only adopt ideas that are in vibrational adjustment with your feel. To do this you must listen to the gentle whispers of your feeling, and to hear them you must quiet your spirit. Go within, and only being back that which helps your highest role.

Nobody else can fire your path but you. Not your spiritual leader , not the ascended employers , not your friends, house .. YOU. Not an phenomenon , not a date , not even a duet planets aligning can bring you to the state of consciousness that you wish to achieve. One must consciously do it themselves. And the real, pure, and sincere direction administered by your pulse, and navigated with your spiritual discernment.

If this reverberates with even one person then I have achieved what I wanted to with this post.

Love to all.


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