Vibes are off

Hi spiritual Reddit! The weirdest thing happened last night. I wield as a waitress at a divest association, and last night was just altogether off. The beings that came in were so weird, I had one somebody cry and try to show me a picture of his dying friend( he was by the toilet with a grease-gun trying to kill himself )?? He then proceeded to cry and get angry, another man Google stalked some of the waitress. Telling each of them personal info about themselves, another man was a pedophile who was open about it, I could go on. The golf-club I work at is 21+, it’s often fun and filled with nice party parties. But this night stimulated me feel like I was in a horrifying errand. I really did feel something, everyone felt something. It felt evil, so much better so I wanted to cry bc I are of the view that uneasy. Was it only a mysterious nighttime? Or did something happen yesterday I wasn’t aware of like a full moon or a planet alignment? I did manifest like I ever do before task , usually I make good money like I attested. This time I kind of involved, more than proved. I also don’t meditate I’ve been listening to the universe very well, could that comedy a part? Idk i probably sound crazy

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