I don’t know who i am anymore

i’m 30 and gay with aspergers. Pretty bad at connect with people.

I used to be a painter, but since the pandemic started, i switched to digital prowes. The old structure of parties i am familiar with( from halls and’ fine art ‘) has since started dismissing me. I was merely relevant to them when i was doing traditional art.

I really like my occupation switching though, i have a lot more free time, more monetary flexibility, and experience the undertaking so much better. I do feel alone in it though.

These eras, i predominantly devote practicing tennis daily, with a brand-new group of parties i recently met. Alongside aspergers and being homosexual, and a lot of personal publications, i haven’t actually been opening myself up to them on a personal level. None of them really know me.

The few friends i have, i only chat with online, and haven’t seen in real life for months. I feel like i moved to a different country. I miss familiar vitalities and faces.

I feel so evicted, with no physical friends, and no identity to spring in.

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