Do you want your consciousness to go to the next level – 5D? Try this!

Hi Spiritual parties! Merry Christmas!

We are having daily 5D Holy Light& Love – Light, adoration, and music prayers. To usher in the New Age of Aquarius! The Age of Light& Love!

Must experience this at least 1x. – It’s quite amazing!( I have been listening to these devotions almost daily for 9 months and it’s changed my life! These devotions are creating miracles for numerous beings !)

“Heard his morning prayers. Weepings were flattening down my gazes. It was so beautiful. Thank you” – Nalini Harish

Want a sample?

Listen to this 7 min audio excerpt now: https :// www.facebook.com/ radicals/ howtobehuman2/ permalink/ 3828293461 42112( please listen to this all the way to the end. And if you like it, there’s a 2nd division to it on the same thread. I recommend you listen to the 2nd part likewise. This will Utterly blow you apart if you make the time to listen to the whole thing !)

After listening to it, join the working group here: https :// www.facebook.com/ radicals/ howtobehuman2 and read the Intro( Announcement 1 ).

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