Objective vs Subjective truth and Self Discovery vs Being Taught

Hey guys, first of all I’m going to apologize in advance because part of this is going to be self promotion but I’m going to follow the rules of this sub and make sure that I include the content of my video in this post as well. Therefore, you don’t have to click this relate or leave this post at all, this reddit post will serve the same purpose. That being said, I exactly started a spirituality themed youtube canal and if you feel like giving it a watch here’s the link: https :// youtu.be/ 55 jnVOO4 9KI

So, one of the first things I discuss is the idea of “find your own truth/ purpose” this is something I’ve heard a lot throughout my life and it also starts along with the idea that “everyone defines their own purpose in life”

So that point of view goes to say that there is no “objective truth” in the world countries and that “subjective” or personal truth is the reality. I, however, disagree with this. I think that there is an objective truth to life, the universe, and why “were here”. The rationalization I think this is through logic – we may experience things one behavior or another, but that doesn’t define the overall truth. It may determine our one personal human experience or standpoint of life, but there has to be an overall truth that is available outside of that subjective panorama. Whatever that truth is — is true for everyone.

The next thing that I talk about is that I’ve heard a lot to beware anyone who tries to tell you they know this truth and that it’s absurd for humans to know the truth of their existence. This is another thing I are not in accordance with. I believe there are people who have discovered “the truth” and furthermore, it’s possible for human being to discover and understand the part truth of their existence. We are intelligent beings and have these capabilities of logical thinking. We can dream of anything or wonder anything. We can ask any question and any question that can be asked must logically have an answer.

What do you guys envisage?

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