Used to be huge on spirit numbers

Hey everyone, hope you’re feeling at peace this evening. A quantity of my season this year ,, like many others ,, was spent in isolation nonetheless being fully alone as my once-roomate moved out in March.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when my travel towards the lifelong and consistent journey of awakening began ,, but id say maybe late 2018 early 2019. At a certain point in isolation, I went really into angel figures. I’m really big on indices, mete obsessive, so I would take note of the numbers I looked, what each individual number implied, what the figure duets entailed, how many times I investigated them, and what was occurring in my internal and external landscape when I did.

I recognized two things earlier this week. One is that having a list truly took me out of the moment as well as the affirmation I once considered in those multitudes and their timing. Two, I no longer feel the need to document those types of synchronicities that occurs in my life, at least not in that way. Seeing counts, for me, was validation that I’m on the right track; that there’s something in that moment to pay attention to.

But these are things I once know. My intuition is strong enough at this point to recognize that whatever a feeling quantity awake in me has already been awake in me, it is simply something I have been pushing apart. It all comes down to knowing that, in bridging the gap between where I am and where I want to be, Listening to that insight will simply bring me worthwhile gestures.

So, I will use this as a remembrance to listen with my torso and react in alignment with where I want yo be

Lots of love

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