Life and Death

Life is light-headed, committing, glee and movement.

Death is dark, selfishness, disappointment and inertia.

Analyze the living forces that surround you and you will observe nature breaking up in chants of study and affection, assuring you well-being.

It is the tree that proliferates in intense product, the spring in constant activity to guarantee your world, the atmosphere to constantly remake the elements that preserve your state and balance…

But not far from you, you can also view demise in the depressed well where the irrigates are subverted, in the useless hoe that rust-brown relishes, in the unused fruit that corruption disintegrates…

It is up to you to wake up and live, quality the time the Lord gives you, extending the gift of helping and learning, adoration and serving.

Many are born and reborn in the physical body, moving from infancy to old age and from the mausoleum to the cradle, in the manner of spirits who are subverted in selfishness and dissent, idleness or misbehaviour, to which they unwittingly welcome themselves.

They absorb the Earth’s aids without reprisal, receive without holding, requirement the involvement of others without any desire of collaboration in favor of others and vampirize the forces they find, like sinks that eat everything without any benefit to the world that protects them.

Such friends are really the dead who are worthy of help and pity, since, at a distance from the light-colored that is incumbent on them to ignite in themselves, they prefer to plunge into uselessness, accommodating themselves with darkness.

Remember the talents with which God ennobles your feeling and interpretation, your mentality and nerve, and, by pouring out the majesty of goodness, through your word and your hands, wake up and live, so that from the fragmentary experiences of the human learning, one day you can take a firm flight towards Eternal Life.


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